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21 February 1987
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This is my blog-thing. I'm pretty boring. I'm not an asexual drag queen lesbian with a penchant for fetish gear, far from it. My name is Ed, I'm male (ish), I'm 24 years-old and often look like a girl, which could well be connected to my raging feminism. I'm very pale all year round. I'm an aspiring writer. I don't get out much and I procrastinate dreadfully.

TV is pretty much my most favourite thing ever. I like a wide range of stuff, from epic genre televison with a hundred seasons to dark comedy to silly cartoons to wonderful old BBC series to Japanese Power Rangers. My favourites are Farscape, Doctor Who (both the classic and new series), Lost, Xena: Warrior Princess, Spooks, The West Wing, Star Trek: Deep Space None, Warehouse 13, The X-Files, Skins, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, I'm Alan Partridge and countless others that have been mentioned in my journal at some point or another. Basically, I do like a bit of telly. And by "a bit" I actually mean "a lot", an awful lot. DVD boxsets are my biggest vice.

Music is very important to me, so long as it's good music. If I like it, I'll listen to it. You can see all my favourites at my LastFM page, because I'm too lazy to even try and list them all. I'll listen to most things; sticking to one genre is boring as all hell.

My journal is now partially friends-only - links to stuff and more personal posts tend to get friends-locked, so that might be some incentive for you, I guess. Be warned, this journal is very, very fandom-centric, as I mostly only ever talk about television, comics, films and music. Please keep that in mind if you're mad enough to friend me. There are the occasional anecdotes from time to time, but that's much less interesting then discussing numerous media products.

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